Function: Potency,
Type: Herbal Supplements,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Brand Name: OEM,
Model Number: BH0596006,
Dosage Form: Capsules,
Package: 60 capsules,
Ingredients: 11 Herbs

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Price: $6.05 – $6.60
MOQ: 1000 Unit/Units
Packaging Details: 60 capsules Pieces in box – 99 Box dimensions – 23.5 x 33 x 31 cm. Box gross weight – 6.700 kg. Boxes on euro pallet (80×120 cm.) – 36,Port: Varna, Bulgaria

Ultimate Men’s Peak Performance I 60 Capsules

Action: 100% herbal blend specially designed to support male sexual health in a safe and safe way. TheTribulus Terrestris plant is known all over the world for its ability to assist in the synthesis of testosterone and hence to prolong erection, increase sexual endurance and libido, improve the frequency and quality of the sexual act. Ginseng also has amazing qualities in this direction, and in combination with other plant extracts, you get more self-confidence and secure intimate support.

Composition of one capsule:

-Ashwaganda extract (root) – 110 mg;

-Yohimbe extract (crust) – 25 mg;

-Tribulus Terrestris Extract – 55 mg;

-Oats extract – 22 mg;

-Ginger (root) – 22 mg;

-Damiya (leaves) – 22 mg;

-Ginseng extract (root) – 22 mg;

-Ginkgo Biloba (leaves) – 22 mg;

-Hawthorn – 22 mg;

-Rhodol extract (root) – 10 mg;

-Sao Palmetto – 22 mg.

Directions for use: Take 1 capsule with morning and evening meals. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for varied meals. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Packing: 60 capsules.