Function: Support Cardiovascular System,
Type: Herbal Supplements,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Brand Name: OEM,
Model Number: BHB1135,
Dosage Form: Capsules,
Package: 100 capsules

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Price: $4.40 – $4.95
MOQ: 1000 Unit/Units
Packaging Details: 100 capsules Pieces in box – 99 Box dimensions – 23.5 x 33 x 31 cm. Box gross weight – 6.700 kg. Boxes on euro pallet (80×120 cm.) – 36,Port: Varna, Bulgaria

SELENIUM100 Capsules

Selenium is a valuable mineral and antioxidant. It has a beneficial effect on general health, prostate and the whole organism. In order to maintain a good balance of minerals in our body, we need to take selenium on a daily basis. In his lack of immunity, the immune system decreases and the thyroid function deteriorates. This leads to endocrine, cardiovascular and oncological diseases, as well as problems with the circulatory system. Since it is a component of the enzyme that prevents oxidative damage, it is important to get the right amount of selenium in the body. And because it is not produced in the human body, we need to take it in the form of nutritional supplements.

One capsule composition: Selenium – 100 micrograms.
Directions for use: Take 1 capsule once or twice a day.

Important: The product does not replace balanced and healthy eating. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Store in a dry and clean place, tightly closed in the original packaging.

Packing: 100 capsules.