Hair Type: All,
Formula: 2-IN-1,
Feature: Cleanses the hair and skin, Soothing and Antiseptic effect, Tear Free,
Age Group: Babies,
Certification: MSDS, ISO 9001, GMP, etc.,
Ingredient: Herbal,
Form: Cream,
Brand Name: OBM,
Model Number: 229,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Usage: Daily,
Package: PP bottle with cap – 200 ml. and PP bottle with pump – 400 ml.,
Main ingredients: Lavender Extract

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Price: $0.9891 – $1.65
MOQ: 1000 Unit/Units
Packaging Details: Package: PP bottle with cap – 200 ml. Pieces in box: 24 Box dimensions: 18x21x35 cm. Box gross weight: 5.700 kg. Boxes on pallet: 72 – Package: PP bottle with pump – 400 ml. Pieces in box: 12 Box dimensions: 24x19x28 cm. Box gross weight: 5.550 kg. Boxes on pallet: 80,Port: Varna, Bulgaria

Pure And Tear-Free Baby Shampoo And Body Wash 0+

Effect :A day spent with your baby is a day filled with love. And what better way to end it than with a warm relaxing bath and this shampoo & body wash? This gentle formula is specially designed for babies, and particularly gentle on the eyes. The soft foam gently cleanses the hair and skin without leaving them dry. The added lavender extract has a soothing and antiseptic effect. This shampoo will turn babys bath time into your favourite part of the day.

Ingredients :Natural and active ingredients in this product

Lavender extract: Ithas antiseptic, antimicrobial and mildly analgesic properties. It stimulates the growth of healthy cells, relieves fluid retention, and balances the skins moisture content.

How to use: This gentle shampoo & body wash is suitable for head-to-toe bathing and washing. Apply a small amount to a soft sponge, or directly on onto moist skin and hair. Lather gently and rinse well. After than choose from our skin care products to nourish your baby`s skin.

The series cares for the baby from the first day. The well-arranged portfolio completely meets the baby needs from the beginning. Its gentle formulae are based on natural oils and herbal extracts. The products are dermatologically tested, with selected hypoallergenic ingredients and free of paraben, alcohol, and colorants.