Supply Type: OEM/ODM,
Certification: GMP, MSDS, CPSR,
Raw Material: Flowers,
Ingredient: Rosa Alba,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Model Number: FW1111,
Type: Other

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Price: $3.85 – $4.40
MOQ: 440 Unit/Units
Packaging Details: Package: plastic barrels (drums) Volume: 220 L. Barrels on one pallet (80 x 120 cm.): 2 barrels,Port: Varna

Natural Rose Water from Rose Alba

Rose water is made using Aba rose, many-petaled and fragrant. Alba essential water comes in many forms and can safeguard against bacterial formation. Rose water made by rose Alba has unique deep aroma, and delightfu and unusual taste.

The rose water from rose Alba is natural obtained distillation mixture of water and essential rose oil. It does not contain artificial coloring and fragrance. Storage: in a dry and cool place.

The fresh natural aroma of the rose Alba water is a result of unique combination of natural ingredients and many years experience in growing and preparation of rose products.