CAS No.: 68476-78-8,
Other Names: Khandsari and Khand,
Place of Origin: Costa Rica,
Type: Sweeteners,
Brand Name: OEM,
Model Number: 779,
Certification: Austria Bio Guarantee, ISO, IFS, GMP, etc.,
Package: Doypack – 300 g.,
Bulk: lastic bag and box – 50 kg.,
Form: Sugar

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Price: $1.10 – $4.40
MOQ: 50 Kilogram/Kilograms
Packaging Details: Single pack 200 g. – dimensions: 15×6,5×22 cm. Packs in display box: 6 Display box dimensions: 30×15,5×20,5 cm Display boxes on euro pallet: 180 Euro pallet height: 204.5 cm. Euro pallet gross weight: 355.88 kg. For bulk – plastic bag and box of 50 kg.,Port: Varna, Bulgaria

OrganicMuscovado Brown Sugar

Muskovado sugar has a dark brown color and has a strong molasses flavor. It is slightly coarser and stickier than most brown sugars. Muskovado takes its flavor and color from its source, sugarcane juice. It offers good resistance to high temperatures and has a reasonably long shelf life.

Use :It is commonly used in baking recipes and it can be used in every recipes where sugar needed.

Storage :Store at cool and dry place