Product Type: Chocolate,
Type: Milk Chocolate,
Color: Brown,
Additional Ingredient: Chocolate,
Form: Solid,
Shape: Bar,
Packaging: Foil, box,
Certification: GMP, IFS, ISO,
Shelf Life: 12 Months,
Weight (kg): 0.06,
Brand Name: OEM,
Model Number: 674,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Organic certificate: Austria Bio Guarantee

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Price: $1.10 – $2.20
MOQ: 5000 Piece/Pieces
Packaging Details: Single pack size (cm.): 8,2x1x16,7 Pieces in display box: 10 Display box dimensions (cm.): 8,6×12,8×18 Display box gross weight (kg.): 0.751 Display boxes in master box: 24 Master box dimensions (cm.): 41x41x38 Master box weight: 18.850 kg. Master boxes on euro pallet: 24 Pallet gross weight (kg.): 452.00 Pallet height (cm.): 172,Port: Varna

Milk Chocolate From Cacao Mass And Cacao Butter

Give in to your sweet cravings the better way – with a tablet that is 52% cocoa and 100% guilt-free indulgence! Organic tender goodness with fair-trade origins and thoughtful ingredient selection.

The method of production is extremely sparing, as it preserves all the nutritional qualities of cocoa. The taste of cocoa is slightly bitter, with a characteristic chocolate note. Rich in flavonoids that have a beneficial effect on the bloodstream, brain, and memory. The content of antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and minerals – magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, manganese, calcium. In the composition of both the theobromine and tryptophan (an indispensable amino acid responsible for the production of serotonin), which are the basis of its stimulating effect and the ability to raise the mood.

Fats in chocolate do not raise cholesterol. It contains an abundance of oleic acid, also found in olive oil, which helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and promote antioxidant activity.

Ingredients : cocoa mass*(43%), cocoa butter*, coconut sugar*, coconut cream*, sunflower lecithin*.

Cocoa content: 52% minimum in chocolate.

*From organic farming