Function: Improved Bone Density,
Type: Herbal Supplements,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Brand Name: OEM,
Model Number: BHE1132,
Dosage Form: Capsules,
Package: 60 capsules

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Price: $5.50 – $6.05
MOQ: 1000 Unit/Units
Packaging Details: 60 capsules Pieces in box – 99 Box dimensions – 23.5 x 33 x 31 cm. Box gross weight – 6.700 kg. Boxes on euro pallet (80×120 cm.) – 36,Port: Varna, Bulgaria


The nutritional supplement strengthens veins, arteries and capillaries and improves blood circulation. In its composition is included horse chestnut, which has a perennial, analgesic and capillary strengthening effect and reduces the likelihood of thrombi formation (clots). The Gotowa herb keeps the elasticity and strength of the blood vessels and capillary walls. Helps in swelling and affects positively the central and peripheral blood circulation. To improve blood circulation and increase blood vessel strength also contributes to Grape seed. The other ingredients are also very important for tired legs and varicose veins.

One capsule composition:

Directions: Take 1 capsule with breakfast and dinner with water.