Supply Type: OEM/ODM,
Certification: GMP, MSDS,
Type: Pure Essential Oil,
Raw Material: Seeds,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Model Number: BHTO1126,
Certificates: GMP, ISO, MSDS, CPNP, CoA

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Price: $1.10 – $1.65
MOQ: 1000 Unit/Units
Packaging Details: Amber glass bottle – 50ml,Port: Varna


Ingredients: Essential oils of rose, santal, rosemary mixed with base oils of wheat germ, sesame, almond, vitamins A, E, F and beta-carotene.

Application: The combination of essential oils in addition to vitamins help to soften and restore the elasticity of the hair. Use during the summer months when the sun is further dried and dehydrated. Rose oil is “classic” among hair products – it nourishes and gives shine and softness. Oil of rosemary and safflower oil fight against hair loss. Sesame oil takes the primary care to prevent dehydration of the hair from harmful UV rays. Almond oil is rich in vitamin F and, together with wheat germ oil, nourishes the hair bulb and improves the structure and appearance of the hair.

Shelf life: 2 year

Storage: Store in a dry place away from the sun and strong light.