Supply Type: OEM/ODM,
Certification: GMP, MSDS,
Type: Pure Essential Oil,
Raw Material: Seeds,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Model Number: BHTO1123,
Certificates: GMP, ISO, MSDS, CPNP, CoA

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Price: $1.65 – $2.20
MOQ: 1000 Unit/Units
Packaging Details: Amber glass bottle – 50ml,Port: Varna


Ingredients: Essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, thyme, bergamot; base oils of jojoba, argan, wheat germ, almond, vitamins A, E, F, D-panthenol, biotin.

Application: Base oil from the yoke puts the base with its function of regenerator and hair enhancer. Argan oil is well known for its nourishing effect on hair, giving shine, softness and preventing blossoming at the edges. Almond and wheat germ oils contain vitamin F, which prevents over-lubrication. Rosemary oil does not allow the appearance of dandruff and therefore reduces hair loss. Mint and rosemary oils also help to regulate fat and refresh the scalp. The added vitamins and biotin further heal the hair.

Shelf life: 2 year

Storage: Store in a dry place away from the sun and strong light.