Feature: Sunscreen,
Supply Type: OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing),
Brand Name: OBM,
Available Quantity: 5000,
Certification: GMP, MSDS, Other,
Ingredient: Herbal,
Form: Cream, Cream,
Age Group: Adults,
Gender: Female,
Place of Origin: Bulgaria,
Model Number: BB31357,
Use: Body,
Main Ingredients: Q10, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Pro-Vitamin E, Aloe and Marigold

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Price: $7.15 – $7.70
MOQ: 1000 Unit/Units
Packaging Details: Pieces in carton box: 24; Airless pump bottle 30 ml. with individual box,Port: Varna

Anti Age Sun Protection Cream 50 SPF

Product Natural Action:

Anti-Age Sun Protection cream-formula sunscreen for the face provides a unique advanced UVA/UVB filter system for immediate optimal skin protection against harmful solar radiation.

This Sun Protection Cream is particularly suitable for dry, normal, soft and sensitive skin. Noncomedogenic. Perfect for under make-up. Recommended for skin with freckles, age spots, sunburn and visible facial varicose and spider veins. Dermatologically proven skin compatibility.


SPF 50 + (Proven by internationally recognized test method) defends against powerful UVA/UVB rays that cause sunburn, cell damage, dryness, roughness and premature signs of aging such as fine lines. Minimizes the risk of allergic reaction. Deep moisturizes. Water-resistant formula.

Key Ingredients:

Anti-Age Complex of natural antioxidants. Co-enzyme, Q10 and Vitamin E help scavenge damaging free radicals, prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age and sun spots. Hydrating Complex of Glycerin, Pro-Vitamin E, Aloe and Marigold herbal extracts fights dryness and roughness and maintain skin’s optimal moisture and softness. Fragrance, colorant and preservative free.


Apply 30 minutes before exposure to sunlight. Re-apply often throughout the day for maximum protection.


Airless pump bottle, to preserve active ingredients’ activity – 30 ml.